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A Complete Guide To Canvas Printing

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Canvas Print Dubai | Print Photo on Canvas

Canvas print accounts for 12% of the total online printing market. Additionally, the printed canvas is predicted to reach 860 million units by next year, representing an 11.6 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years.

Without question, the percentage provides an enticing glimpse into the popularity and future of canvas printing!

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric historically used to construct marquees, backpacks, tents, and sails, among other goods requiring toughness. However, as the popularity and demand for picture canvas prints grew, the same cloth was utilized to create stock and customized photo canvas prints. However, over time, textiles such as cotton and linen have become famous for creating canvases.

However, we Artplus feel that despite its fame and the indomitable place it has carved out in the hearts of the surrounding populace, there are still users who are oblivious of the minute intricacies associated with the exquisite canvas prints. Consider these in further detail.


What is Canvas Print?

Canvas printing is a term that refers to the process of printing an image onto a canvas surface. After printing, the canvas can be left un-stretched or stretched. Canvas printing is affordable and is available in various sizes.

Without any doubt, it is a great, quick and straightforward way to transform stock photos or images into works of art!

Canvas printing is available in a range of sizes ranging from A4 to A0. Smaller prints are typically more affordable, and prices increase in direct proportion to the size of the image. Not only do larger prints require more material, but they also demand more robust framing.

Incredible Benefits of Canvas Printing

The most significant advantage of canvas printing is that virtually any style of photograph will look amazing. Certain photo art items have unique properties that limit the type of photograph printed on them.

For example, portraits do not look their best when printed on a Classic Silver Metal Print due to the rugged, brushed aluminum highlighting regions of a photograph with low saturation. On the other hand, Canvas prints enhance the appearance of practically every picture, except those featuring tiny people.

The affordability of canvas printing is one of the most lauded advantages. The cost of printing a photo on a massive 24″x26″ canvas print, for example, is significantly less than the cost of purchasing a comparable piece of art or painting. Not only that, but seeing your picture shown on such a vast scale is far more fulfilling!

What Are The Types of Canvas Print?

There are two primary types of canvas wall art, which work great for practically any home design. These have been highlighted for you in the following slots:

  • Single Canvas

These are ideal for substantial statement works, or if you have a little area in your house, multiple canvases can feel cramped. So, you can add these to your home interior to get an appealing and compelling look for your house.

  • Multi-Panel Canvas

Multi-Panel Canvas wall art is an excellent option for larger wall spaces. You can create your layouts by assembling numerous prints that act as a jigsaw puzzle for your image: several images displaying various aspects of the same image are carefully arranged to showcase the entire picture.

Additionally, these lovely canvas prints are pretty versatile in their approach and may be incorporated into any room in your home.

What Are The Uses of Canvas Printing?

It is a well-known fact that memories look even better when printed on canvas. These prints have a variety of applications. And a few of them are provided just below:

  • Home Decor

Because canvas wall art is visually stunning and comes in various framing options, many professional interior designers and homeowners use them to decorate their homes. Indeed, it is also used to decorate commercial spaces, retail outlets, and other establishments.

A well-framed image serves as an excellent design element. When combined with great lighting fixtures and wall color, canvas prints can transform an interior space completely.

  • Customized canvas prints

As previously stated, canvas prints are increasingly being used in personalized printing. With an increasing number of people interested in framing their memories and reliving moments through photographs, this is undoubtedly a growing industry.

Not only pictures, but you can print sketches and drawings on canvas. All you have to do is upload the image or graphic to the Internet and arrange for it to be published by a professional.

  • Reproduce artwork

Framed artwork is prohibitively pricey for the majority of people. Because no glazing is required, canvas wall art is considered a more affordable alternative to framed artwork. Perhaps this is why a growing number of museums are warming to the concept of reproducing works of fine art onto canvas.

Indeed, this also safeguards against damage to the photograph or image. With the advancement of printer technology, the reproduction of art painting has become the go-to answer.

  • Retail Sale

Many people have begun to use canvas prints in their retail business and also to decorate their homes and offices with framed pictures. It has resulted in a surge in canvas print production. You can easily find them in department stores and home improvement stores. These are not personal photographs but may include images of celebrities, scenic landscapes, etc.


What Can A Canvas Printing Do For Your Home Décor?

In the current interior décor scenario, it is typical to use material blends for canvases that usually consist of mixed canvas prints and framed prints. And this is done for a good cause as well.

Canvas prints can be mixed in smoothly with the rest of the interior décor of the place by connecting with the color scheme and tonal variations of the surroundings!

  • The plain and minimal black-bordered canvas frames highlight the feelings and emotions without leaving any room for any form of distractions.
  • Art painting generates a pleasant, personal appeal that affects the atmosphere and environment of the location.
  • More ornate and styled modern canvas printing brings colors to the expressions of the photograph. It provides a critical character to the photo as well as depth to it.
  • Moreover, the type of canvas you choose will always have varying impacts on the overall appeal of the image.
  • And, as a vast range of canvas prints is available, you can choose the one after considering the furniture and room design.

So, the canvas printing can complement a more homely and friendly décor concept. At the same time, canvas prints are more diverse in approach when it comes to wall décor. Frameless borders may adapt to any style seamlessly, delivering brilliant flashes of color that can create new focal points in the area for viewers to appreciate!

Canvas Prints vs. Metal Prints: Which One To Choose

Canvas prints are more versatile than metal prints. They do not appear out of place in any setting like in many of the metal prints. They are equally at home in a museum gallery as they are in a homey home. They’re friendly and warm, with a touch of refinement.

Canvas works nicely with both delicate and bold images. While the colors appear softer and flatter than metal, they are no slouch in color fidelity. The color gamut will be more similar to that of classic photographic prints.

What truly distinguishes them is their texture and wrapped packaging. The texture lends your image a delicate yet artistic appearance. That is why canvas prints are such a popular choice for portrait photography and wedding photography.



Canvas prints are timeless and traditional, making them a natural fit for any decor style. And, they have earned the status as one of the most popular photo gift options. Additionally, their adaptability ensures that they will continue to look excellent in your home for years to come as your decorating tastes evolve! Make sure you visit all of our services to avail the best opportunity ever.