Stained Glass Printing

stained glass window

Stained Glass is the main feature that distinguishes the work of art in many architectures worldwide. It displays the craftsmanship of artists, sculptures, and designers. Especially in places like prayer halls, domes, and arches of buildings, churches, and palaces. 

Today many architects and designers prefer using Colored Glass in their designs and structural elements to create a distinctive look. UV Printed Glass is produced using different materials like Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Acrylic, and Ploy carbonate. The process uses UV printing that directly applies the image to the required area.

We offer Stained Glass at surprisingly low rates. We use prints that can withstand strong UV radiation and hard climate conditions. There are reasons to choose this method because UV printing is a flexible technique. Our use of quality materials keeps your Glass safe and durable. And it maintains the brightness and color details for at least 25 years. You can get your Textured Printed Glass in just 1 day. Visit our office in Dubai or get in touch with our customer care.

Stained Glass Windows

Everyone in the GCC region experiences extremely hot temperatures. The daytime is brighter than in most parts of the world, which increases the use of Glass in buildings, and households benefit from the daylight. 

But normal Glass doesn’t perform well in extreme weather conditions. A more viable solution is Plain Stained Glass. The Colored glass purpose is to provide an artistic look to your interior or windows as well as reflect and transform the light into beautiful color shades.

You can have Large Stain Glass Windows to amplify the whole vibe of your place. You can also use them as a partition between different sections of your restaurant, galleria, spa, and office spaces. ART+ brings a one-day delivery service for Stained Glass. You can choose between different material types and sizes. Or you can order your Custom Stained Glass at a nominal price.

Plain Stained Glass

If you don’t like different colors in your Staining Glass, you can order Plain Stain Glass as per your design requirement. Custom Plain Stain Glass is extensively used in partitions to maintain privacy and corporate offices.

You may use them in glass backgrounds, making Stained Window Cabinets, and other purposes. Our team at ART+ brings the best solution in Translucent Printed Glass services and products. We have Modern Stained Glass-Making Technology and a larger variety of designs.

How are Printed Glass Windows made?

The process involves multiple steps. How to stain Glass depends on the number of things. This include the type of Glass for Stain Glass, and the materials used to apply the design. The Glass can be tempered, laminated, or acrylic and polycarbonate is also common For making Stained Glass Corners and Frames.

The next involves applying the required image or pattern directly on the glass surface through UV printing. The result is bright, sharp colors with every inch or corner of the Glass Cover. Stained Glass Grinder removes the Glass’s sharp edges.

At ART+, we have all the latest machines and a team of experts that can prepare and ready your Staining Printed Glass within one day. We have in-house designers and already made glass samples that you can check and select. We offer the best Modern Glass Printing Service and products in Dubai and UAE at nominal rates