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Art Plus is one of the leading fine art printing services in Dubai UAE, offering its services to a wide range of customers.

It is an all-inclusive platform that can meet all of your artistic needs. View more of our projects click the link below.



Art Plus is one of the leading Fine Art Printing Services in UAE Dubai, offering our services to a wide range of customers. It is an all-inclusive platform that can meet all of your artistic needs. All of your Fine Art Printing Requirements can be met by us while still ensuring the highest quality. We are experts in all forms of Fine Art Printing, including high quality Photographic Printing, Frame of Artwork, Printing on Canvas, Wall Art Print Wallpaper, Acrylic, and more. Additionally, you can get Modern and Contemporary Artwork for your home offices and workspaces.

To suit your Interior Design Needs, we offer the best team of designers. We have the Ideal Consultation for you if you want to update your personal space with the Newest art, Canvas Wall Art, Pop Art and are searching for specialists to handle it for you. During this consultation, we will walk you through the ideas, plans, and implementation of the process.

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Exceptional service, starting from the tour in the studio to the selections and ending up with the professional installations. Quality and precision in all aspects. Special thanks to Dareen, she made sure all the project requirements were meet.

Rami Jetawi

Largest size prints available in Dubai. Very versatile printing solution on huge amount of different medium, arcylic, aluminium, paper, tiles etc. Brilliant service

Adnan Mansoor

Am totally impressed for the quality the wallpaper and acrylic for my gaming room … Mirna she’s the Hero keep me up to date on every stage of my project…. I will keep continuing

Nasir Mohamed


More than 20,000 Artworks to choose from. Shop a selection of outstanding Contemporary and Modern Artworks. Our Creatives Designers work together to restore priceless Works of Art in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide beautiful paintings that you can cherish in your living room, working places or anywhere you want. There is only one name for all kind of Art, i.e. ArtPlus. 

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