Canvas is a great medium to choose if you are after budget, weight, mobility, and durability. Whether you decide to bring us a soft copy of your desired artwork/design/pattern/photography; or you can choose from our very own custom designs and artworks available to be printed for your own personal agendas, we’ve made it possible and easier for you! If you are in Dubai and you’re searching for local canvas printing, you have come just to the right place.

Design and Interior Purposes: Highlight your individuality and have a unique touch of the interior in your apartments, villa or office space at an affordable price. Art Plus makes it possible to have your printed artworks or photographs displayed both indoors or outdoors with canvas prints. In addition, we also provide framing services that would best finalize the overall look of your interior wall project.

Banners and Ads Purposes: Marketing your business is essential for gaining new customers as well as keeping your current customers.  Undeniably, canvas prints (banners) is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand, enabling your prospective clients to have a visual memory of your company’s brand and identity asides from online marketing advertisements. Here at Art Plus, we can cater 8-color or 12-color canvas prints at the largest scales you might need for!

Printing and Delivery. All interior design canvas art prints are shipped within 48 hours, mounting is included. We provide stretching and framing for additional services as well. With our avant-garde technology, we are able to produce high-quality canvas prints of different sizes in an efficient and timely manner.

Want Pre-Order Artworks? We provide a vast variety of fine art and contemporary images from our own gallery. We are proud of our Islamic calligraphy, abstract, fine art, and geometric art collections ready to print for production. Here’s our fine catalog of artworks you might want to have at your disposal.

For more information, you can directly contact our sales team.