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Four Tips to Make Your Home Airbnb Ready

Turn your home to Airbnb

Airbnb provides you the opportunity and facility in today’s world, where digital nomad culture is quite popular. Services like airbnb help you to experience the best in affordable living depending on your needs and wants. Airbnb also opens its door to anyone who wants to earn extra income by renting their place, house, or part of their house. It’s a good side hustle and a profitable one.

People are more comfortable getting Airbnb services instead of renting expensive hotel rooms. It cost them less, caters to their needs more efficiently, and feels like home. There are about 5.6 million listings in 220 countries across the globe. You have to do more than an average home to make your list more appealing. Give your guests a fantastic experience of a lifetime, and in return, they will give you five-star ratings.
Let’s discuss a few tips that play an essential part in transforming your place and are inexpensive and easy to carry out.

Interior Design Concept:

To get more customers, you have to give them more than expected. If your space has no particular location or natural scenic views, competing and taking advantage of others is by focusing on your interior design. It will increase not only your ratings but also your income. First of all, go with the most suitable theme for your area or surrounding.
For example, if you have a place in a city area, it’s not suitable to decorate it in a country area style. It will be a risky move and cost you both money and time. You don’t need to take services from an expensive interior designer. 

There are ways to get things done on your own.

• Go through top listings on Airbnb in your area and take inspiration from them. Pick up the more attractive things for renters and go with your instincts.
• Search different décor websites and look for inexpensive items that can add to the beauty of your space.
Here are some design concepts from well-established listings that you can opt for your Airbnb property.

• Camping:

Camping is often termed as boring when taken into account by Airbnb, but who wants to experience dullness when there are ways to make it more fun? The term used for a more creative and fun experience is glamping. The main focus of this design is to represent nature in a more stylish and modern way.
The targeted audience for this design is people who love fishing and want an experience of nature in a modern way. It brings elements from a shared family experience, specially designed for families on vacations, and wants a space that offers something for every individual.

• Cabin Chic:

It’s pretty similar to glamping, but the central concept here is to decorate it in a familiar single tone. It gives you a single cabin vibe, surrounded by forest or a lake. If you go for this design, you can opt for different design ideas from numerous online resources, especially plenty of material available on Pinterest. This design is suitable for places that are surrounded by lakes and forests.

• Beach:

This theme is quite popular among properties that are located in beach areas. The main point while renovating these kinds of rentals is to avoid excessiveness. Choose colors that go with the flow and are close to the beach environment. Openness is a crucial factor, select light colors in furniture as well; often, white and light brown furniture is used. Bathrooms should be minimal and have a touch of openness.

• Minimalists Approach:

Minimalism is quite popular among people these days. This design concept provides you with a cleaner look. Properties with fantastic architecture are ideal for this; they will enhance the overall look of your property and let the art shine through. Add a statement piece to increase the creative aspect; it can be an artistic vase, painting, or a single wall with a different color.

• Homey:

It represents the idea of a home away from home. It’s pretty unique in that it replicates the feeling of a home, but according to specific areas design language. One can design it to show how the home looks and feel. Always make these rentals kids friendly; you can use different techniques like opting for vintage light fixtures that are less attractive to kids and making chalkboard walls for little fun activities for children.

• Vintage:

Vintage attracts a lot of attention and is liked by people looking for a vintage household experience. Although it looks like an expensive interior designer to implement, you add vintage furniture and light fixtures. Vintage things are made with metal, leather, and wood. They are durable and long-lasting; they add a fantastic look to your décor.

Local Attractions:

Always design your theme according to the local attractions; for example, if your property is located on a ski resort, then design it according to a ski lodge; it must provide the cozy lodge aesthetics. 

Theme and Design:

Keep your décor and design according to a theme. A theme is selected by assessing the location of your place. Select a niche and stick to it. It must reflect on your design language. Too many colors often make guests uncomfortable; make your place warm and inviting by following the single theme.

  • Wall Art:

Empty or blank walls provide you space to fill them with different wall art paintings, and décor them with different canvases to create a place that your guest will love. Here are some options to transform your walls. 

  • Wall Decals:

You can decorate your empty walls with wall decals; select a decal that goes with your theme vibe. It will add more glow to your design; you can also customize them according to your needs.

  • Jungle Wall:

Jungle walls are often created in bathrooms that have direct access to light. Add some tropical plants, especially ones that love moisture. Mostly these are pretty popular in beach houses.

  • Wall Mounted Bookshelf:

A simple wall-mounted bookshelf changes the whole vibe of the room. It adds depth and texture to a blank wall; a touch of indoor plants or vintage light fixtures adds more beauty to it.

  • Customized Wall Prints: 

Now avail all the services of custom-engineered wall art paintings or designs. Get your design print on a large canvas and place it on an empty wall. 

  • Wall Baskets:

These items give a clean and straightforward look on walls, best for houses with minimalist design aesthetics. Natural straw baskets are readily available in local thrift shops and vintage stores. You can also buy them online.

  • Wall Planters Trio:

Wall planters hung in a symmetrical order with succulents add a natural effect to your walls. Their cascading effect adds to the beauty of your wall. Nature-loving guests like it very much.

Wall Arts:

When doing wall arts for your place, always keep in mind the theme and location of your place. Apply and opt for wall arts that add more beauty to your theme, avoid overwhelming arts.

  • Macrome Wall Hanging:

Macrome wall hangings provide a unique yet straightforward and simple look to your walls. Place them with your wall art paintings and see the magic they add to your walls. They give a pleasant view.

  • Gallery Wall:

You can select one wall of your choice and create a gallery wall. Well, it is a collection of different wall art paintings grouped in such a way that it gives you a gallery-like experience. It’s a more affordable option that adds more value to your place.

  • Paint a Mural:

A Mural is a piece of artwork or painting made directly on a wall or subject. Suppose you have any artistic talent, then you can paint a mural on your desired wall or hire someone for this job. Printed murals in the form of wallpapers are also available. It gives an artistic vibe to your walls.

  • Accent Wall:

An accent wall is an excellent idea to make your listing photos look more vibrant and crisp than others. It attracts the attention of guests that are looking for attractive spaces. It’s economical to make and ideal for taking pictures.

  • Removable Wallpapers:

Besides luxury paint finishes, there is a better affordable option and has its properties. Wallpapers are pretty popular due to their vibrant, excellent finishes and textures. Just paste wallpapers that will work for you and go with your theme. It also protects your walls, and its peel and paste features make it super easy to paste them on walls.

A pro tip while going with wallpapers is that don’t paste wallpapers on all the walls but add them where you need unique and memorable colors or finishes. Wallpaper printing is also an available option. You can also get your customized wallpapers and print them on-demand basis. 

Print on Furniture: 

Furniture is an essential part of any household. When you commit to giving your guests a home-like experience, good, sleek, and durable furniture play an essential part. Keep in mind that it matches your place’s theme and overall vibe. Print on furniture and furniture fabric prints are also kept in mind and should be selected according to the theme. Keep it minimal and elegant; avoid bulky or oversized furniture in small spaces. 

Add antique furniture to give your place a classy and luxurious look. Go with leather finishes because leather adds a wooden, metallic, and rusty finish for small places, select furniture that is convertible and serves more than one purpose. Always prioritize cleanliness and implement it. A clean place is more appealing and beneficial for you. 

Print on leather


To make your home Airbnb ready is an evolving process. You have to check the latest fashion and market trends of your specific area and your competitors. The sole purpose is to give our guests/renters an experience they can enjoy while living at your place.

From modern techniques like wallpaper printing, and customizable wall art, it will be easier to make your place visually better than your competitors and attract more customers. I hope this article helps make your Airbnb property more attractive and helps increase the ratings.