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Digital printing wallpaper

Why Digital Printing Wallpaper Is The Future Of Home Decor?

Digital printing wallpaper is one of the game-changing trends in interior design. It transforms dull walls into mural canvas, and this is due to the increasing demand for custom and unique solutions in home decor.

These wallpapers are regarded as versatile, cost-effective, and imaginative. This article will explain why digital printing wallpaper is the future of home decor wall covering, its benefits, application areas, and how it is printed. So, let’s get started!

What is Digital Printing Wallpaper?

Digital printing is a new-age method of wall solutions that uses modern digital technology to create prints. Since colors and patterns are not restricted as with traditional wallpaper, digital printing can create a highly detailed and colorful design.

Working Mechanism:

This is where large-format printers place ink directly onto the wallpaper substrate. Initially, a digital image or design is uploaded to the printer. Depending on the type of image chosen, this can be printed on various wallpaper types, including paper, vinyl, and fabric. UV printing techniques allow the ink to bond with the material, so the prints last longer and offer perfect color representation.

Types of Digital Printing Techniques Used in Wallpapers:

  1. Inkjet Printing: It is a process of producing images using droplets of ink, the simplest form being drops of color, and using these techniques to create complex printing arrays. This is best for advanced high-resolution photo-realistic designs.
  2. Laser Printing: A laser printer employs toner and heat to identify the print onto the wallpaper material. It is known as fast and precise implementation.
  3. UV Printing: UV printing cures or dries the ink while printing by using ultraviolet light. As a result, it creates a highly rugged and color-fast print that ensures the image will never fade or wear off.

Benefits of Digital Printing Wallpaper

Now that we’ve explored the innovative wallpapers and how they work, let’s explore why they’re becoming a preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike. The advantages of this innovative wallpaper technology extend far beyond its aesthetic appeal.

#1. Customization:

One of the most significant advantages of digital printing wallpaper is the level of customization it offers. Homeowners can use their images or select from a library of thousands of designs to create a unique look for any room. This level of personalization ensures that your decor truly represents you and your style.

#2. Quality and Durability:

Digital printing technology ensures that wallpapers have high resolution and vibrant colors. The use of UV printing techniques makes these wallpapers not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. They resist fading and wear, ensuring your walls remain beautiful for years.

#3. Cost-Effectiveness:

While traditional wallpaper can be expensive and time-consuming to install, digital printing wallpaper offers a more cost-effective solution. The ease of customization means you can create exactly what you want without expensive design consultations. Additionally, the durability of these wallpapers means fewer replacements and maintenance costs over time.

Applications of Digital Printing Wallpaper

They offer incredible versatility, transforming various spaces with ease. Here’s how this innovative technology is revolutionizing home decor and beyond.

1. Residential Uses:

They are perfect for any room in the house. Customize your living room with a family photo collage, or create a serene retreat with a nature scene in the bedroom. Playful patterns for kids’ rooms or sophisticated designs for home offices, the possibilities are endless and always stunning.

2. Commercial Uses:

Businesses benefit greatly from the flexibility and visual impact of digital printing wallpaper. Hotels, offices, and retail spaces can use custom designs to create unique ambiances that reflect their brand identities. For instance, hotels can design themed rooms or vibrant lobbies, enhancing the guest experience. Offices can boost morale with branded elements, while retail stores can attract customers with striking designs.

3. Educational Institutions:

Schools and kindergartens use these wallpaper to create engaging, stimulating student environments. Wallpapers featuring educational themes, colorful patterns, and interactive elements make learning spaces more enjoyable and effective.

4. Healthcare Facilities:

In healthcare settings, custom wallpapers create soothing and welcoming atmospheres. Pediatric wards transform with playful designs, easing anxiety for young patients, while serene landscapes in waiting areas provide a calming effect.

5. Hospitality Industry:

Hotels use digital wallpapers to design unique rooms, lobbies, and meeting areas, enhancing guest experiences. Durable and visually appealing, these wallpapers withstand high traffic and frequent cleaning, making them a cost-effective choice for premium hospitality decor.

6. Retail and Showrooms:

Retail stores and showrooms use these wallpapers to create immersive environments. Custom wallpapers highlight new products, create themed sections, and change with the seasons, keeping spaces fresh and engaging to boost sales.

7. Restaurants and Cafes:

Restaurants and cafes use eye-catching wallpapers to set the mood and enhance the dining experience. Custom designs reflect the establishment’s theme, cuisine, or story, creating a more immersive customer experience.

8. Public Spaces:

Public spaces like libraries, community centers, and museums use custom wallpapers to create thematic areas, showcase local history, or add visual interest. Digital printing is easily updated and ideal for spaces hosting various events and exhibitions.

Digital Print Wallcovering vs Flex Printing Wallpaper

Digital print wallcovering and flex printing wallpaper are modern methods of custom wall designs, but they differ in their materials and printing techniques. Digital print wallcovering typically uses paper, vinyl, or fabric as the base material and involves high-resolution digital printing. 

On the other hand, flexible printing uses flexible materials like fabric and plastic and is often used for more extensive and flexible applications, such as large murals and banners.

Specific Benefits of Each:

  1. Digital Print Wallcovering: Offers high-quality, detailed prints with vibrant colors. It is ideal for smaller, intricate designs that require high resolution.
  2. Flex Printing Wallpaper: Provides greater flexibility in terms of material and size. Suitable for large-scale projects and applications that require durable and flexible materials.

Current Trends in Design

Digital printing wallpaper is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging regularly:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Manufacturers use eco-friendly materials and inks to reduce environmental impact and provide healthier options.
  • 3D and Textured Effects: New technology allows for 3D and textured wallpapers, which add depth and make walls focal points.
  • Interactive Wallpapers: Wallpapers that change color or pattern with touch or light are popular, adding fun and interactivity, especially in children’s rooms and creative spaces.

Transform Your Space with ArtPlus Digital Printing Wallpaper

Are you looking to transform your space with stunning, personalized decor? ArtPlus is your premier choice for digital printing wallpaper, offering comprehensive solutions for homes, hotels, offices, schools, and more. We provide various textures and effects, ensuring a perfect match for any design vision. 

Our top-quality wallpapers are produced with the latest UV printing techniques for vibrant and durable results. Customize your wallpaper with personal images or choose from our vast library, with free design assistance available. Ideal for various settings, including hotels and educational institutions, our wallpapers include eco-friendly, 3D, textured, and interactive options. 


Digital printing wallpaper offers unmatched customization, quality, and versatility, making it the future of interior design. Perfect for homes, offices, and more, it combines beauty and durability for unique, lasting decor. Embrace this innovation with ArtPlus and transform your spaces with vibrant, creative, and durable wallpapers. Choose ArtPlus today and bring your vision to life!

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