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Fine Art Printing in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide To Fine Art Printing In Dubai

One of the most popular art printing locations worldwide, Dubai is a living hotspot for culture and technology. If you are an artist, a photographer, or a gallery owner, this guide to fine art printing in Dubai will show you how to do it and change the lives of your prints.


This article covers fine art printing in Dubai, from the basics to the finer details. You will learn how to get your art up on the walls looking showroom-quality. So, let’s get started!

What is Fine Art Printing?

Giclée printing, or fine art printing makes art reproduction using specialized inkjet printers that use archival inks on acid-free papers or special canvas papers produced from natural fibers such as cotton. This technique offers a far better image resolution than standard printing. 


It produces extra colors like light cyan and magenta for better depth and accuracy. The result is a high-resolution print of the original and can last up to 150 years with proper care while maintaining its vibrancy.

History Of Fine Art Printing

The term giclée, derived from the French word ‘gicler’ meaning ‘to spray,’ was first coined by Jack Duganne in the early 1990s. Operating out of Nash Editions in the United States, Duganne sought to describe a refined printing process that used continuous-tone technology.


This was the new approach at the time. This method initially utilized Iris printers, designed for prepress proofing but adapted for fine art due to their high-quality output on cotton aquarelle paper.

Why You Should Go For Fine Art Printing In Dubai?

It is undoubtedly a high-quality procedure that will make your work more visually appealing and long-lasting. So, to further understand why fine art printing will always be in high regard to artists and collectors. Here are some of the key benefits of it.

1. Superior Image Quality:

Fine art printing is known for its extreme clarity and vivid color profiles. Inkjet technology has advanced to use a broader range of colors and ultra-fine ink droplets. 


As a result, the prints give an incredible level of color and detail, just as good as the original artwork. They are not better than the original artwork, making the artwork ‘pop’ and come to life.

2. Longevity and Durability:

Fine art prints are the most durable in the world. They are crafted with specially developed archival inks to guarantee they last a lifetime without fading or losing color. Their durability also means they are perfect for keeping in kitchen cabinets, so the charms never get over their years.

3. Aesthetic Appeal:

Fine art prints greatly benefit from the artisanal aspect of their production. Top-notch materials, like cotton, bamboo, or fine art paper printing, help boost their aesthetic component. 


These substrates feel beautiful and add a unique texture that is different for each print. 

It makes everyone unique. The deep, tactile, acid-free rag and the visual depth of color in the pigment make fine art prints a masterful possession for any portfolio or wall display.

4. Precision and Customization:

Moreover, fine art printing is incredibly accurate and customizable. This ability enables artists and photographers to reproduce their work with precise color consistency and fine details. Accuracy is very important in the case of galleries or exhibitions where the artwork exactly means the emotion and the sense of expression that has to be communicated exactly.

5. Increased Value:

Finally, value is the most important improvement. Fine Art Print Edition Limited is often appreciated as a beautiful work of art and an investment asset that grows over time. Collectors and art enthusiasts coveted such prints because their scarcity and differences increased their value. 

Applications Of Fine Art Printing In Dubai

Fine Art Printing is used in more than just galleries; it is also in art studios and business offices. Read on to find out how this dynamic tech is influencing various sectors.

1. Art Reproductions:

Fine art printing greatly benefits artists who want to reproduce their original artwork, whether paintings, drawings, or mixed-media art. 


The method is true to the original work, preserving its integrity in a high-quality reproduction. Fine art printing is a form of making art more accessible but without reducing quality. It opens doors to a wider market for artists to capture notable attention.

2. Photography:

Moreover, professional photographers often choose fine art printing to create prints of gallery quality. The improved color rendering of the process that maintains detailing is critical when displaying photographic works for viewing or sale. This level of quality ensures that each subtle nuance in the photographer’s vision is vividly delineated.

3. Digital Art:

Similarly, digital artists greatly benefit from fine art printing. It provides a tangible form to their virtual creations, presenting them impeccably detailed and visually strikingly. This technology ensures that the digital artwork is displayed with all its intended intricacies, making fine art printing invaluable for artists working in digital mediums.

4. Decorative Art:

In addition, fine art prints are one of the most commonly used techniques in interior design to give your residential and commercial space an elegant and cosmopolitan look. 


This makes them great neutral pieces that can complement a wide range of decor themes and color palettes to suit the mood of any space. This application displays the usage of digital fine art printing in various places where art is implemented to the aesthetic ambiance in the space.

5. Commercial Applications:

Fine art printing also serves commercial applications. It is one of the most popular ways for businesses across sectors to make premium-quality promotional materials, including brochures, menus, and packaging. Fine art prints, of course, make the brand appear in a higher-quality light, which creates a lasting impression, thus improving the overall aesthetic appeal of any brand.

Discover Artplus: Your Fine Art Printing Partner In Dubai

Since 2012, ArtPlus has been at the forefront of fine art printing in Dubai, blending top-notch digital technology with a personal touch for each project. ArtPlus supports you from the initial concept to the final piece as your go-to partner, ensuring perfect detail. 


Specializing in large format prints on diverse materials like wood, metal, acrylic, and glass, ArtPlus opens up endless creative possibilities. We also offer expert installation and personalized design assistance, ensuring your artwork is printed, beautifully displayed, and fully realized.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference is the materials used. Fine art prints use natural fibers like cotton, free from chlorine and acids, making them more durable and resistant to fading than standard photo prints.

Yes, fine art prints can be quite valuable. For example, prints by famous artists like Picasso can sell for millions, while those by lesser-known artists might fetch around $1,000. Fine art prints often offer a higher residual value than non-tangible assets.

Final Words:

With fine art printing in Dubai, you can demand prints that perfectly reflect your artistic visions. This article shares a wealth of information that can educate and guide you through the prolific world of fine art printing in Dubai. It will help you stay ahead and make the right decisions for your artistic expression. Check out the opportunities and join ArtPlus. Start your project today!

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