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Refresh Every Room In Your Home

custom wallpaper for home

Wallpaper is a key trend for the year, already gracing the covers of hotelier and home décor magazines across the globe!

Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone, as ARTPLUS offers a fully customizable wallpaper service! Imagine printing your favorite artworks or photos as unique, high definition quality one-of-a-kind wallpaper!

The right wallpaper can make a real style statement, providing a captivating backdrop for any room including bedrooms, offices, retail stores, kitchens, bathrooms and even ceilings.

What better way to express yourself than with wallpaper designed by you. At ARTPLUS you can do just that! Let your creativity run wild.

Our wallpapers are durable, waterproof and long lasting. Our high-quality prints produce vibrant colors which are fade proof!

There are so many benefits of decorating with wallpaper. Whether you want subtle touches or to pack a style punch with impactful designs creating a focal point in your space- wallpaper can be adapted to elicit these “style emotions”.

wallpaper for wall
custom wallpaper for home

Here are some of the reasons we love wallpaper:

  1. It creates a theme in your living space by tying in with elements of your design décor
  2. It can be used to hide imperfections such as scuff marks on your walls or cracks!
  3. Wallpaper can be art! Instead of a single painting, you can have a whole wall of what you love up on display.
  4. Wallpaper is extremely Versatile! With wallpaper, you can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors, and designs.
  5. Wallpaper is affordable for two reasons-We have a wallpaper product for any budget. An increase in popularity has seen an increased number of products and brands we have available. You can also wallpaper a small area, which means you don’t have to buy rolls and rolls of wallpaper.
  6. We offer installation services across UAE so it’s completely easy and hassle free for you
  7. Because we offer a customization service- the wallpaper options are limitless and based on your design requirements.
  8. Bring us your design or let our in-house designers create it for you!