GREAT NEWS for those who wants to join World Art Dubai this April 2018.– We’re OFFERING new slots! Hurry up and secure your slot now!


If you’re participating for the World Art Dubai 2018 with us, kindly reply and attach the following requirements and send it at


  1. Images of your artwork(s)
  2. Size in centimeters, in Length x Width format 
  3. Medium used
  4. Selling Price
  5. Country of origin
  6. Title of artwork
  7. CV or short biography , contact details


We will select the artworks and will confirm the participation of each artist.


Upon Approval of Artwork:

  • Payment for Participation: The participation fee will be according to the size of your artwork. It will enable you to submit & join artwork at World Art Dubai under Art Plus Gallery & sell it during the exhibition.
  • We’re finalizing the number of participants up until February 28 only.
  • Art Plus sales commission: 15% of the original amount of the artwork
  • Deadline of All Approved Artworks in the Gallery – April 14, 2017


If approved & paid, you can send your artwork at our gallery any time before 2nd week of April.


1. What kind of artwork am I allowed to submit?
The Art Plus Gallery primarily accepts paintings for submission.

For paintings, the reserved slot entitles you 1 meter by 1 meter max space.

Recently, we also opened the option for other kinds of artwork- engravings, sculpture, etc. However, you will have a different pricing measure. It is important to inform us how much space you’ll need for your piece so that we can give you the pricing and space.

2. I plan to submit more than one artwork. Do I have to pay additional fees for additional artwork?
Yes.  However, if your artworks can fit within the space you paid, there will be no additional charges.

3. My artwork is more than 1 meter but I really want to participate. What would be the pricing measure for this? Will I be paying more than 1600 AED?

Yes. We’ll calculate and customize your price according to the specific space you need for your artwork.

4. My artwork is not yet done. Can I still join?

Yes. Just give us the details of your art piece for consideration. If approved by our art consultant, you can start paying for your participation fee.

5. I’m not from UAE. Can I still join?

You’re very much welcome. We have a lot of artists joining from other countries. You just need to do the following procedures as usual.


Additional FAQs

6. If my artwork gets sold during the exhibition, will Art Plus Gallery still have a commission?
We will have a 15% commission of the original price of the artwork.

7. If my artwork gets sold during the exhibition, can I replace it with another artwork since I paid for the space?

Yes! Since you have paid for your space, you can display your approved artworks for four days as long as it is within the space you have paid.

8. But I already paid for the participation fee, isn’t it too much?

The price is reasonable for the expenses as we paid for the 4-day event and the stand construction. It will also be an open opportunity for you to be recognized internationally since it is a global event.

9. If I propose you an artwork, shall I have to be on the stand during the 4 days of WAD?

The first day will be very important for you to attend. You can choose to stay / leave for the remaining days since there will be from our staff who’ll be there for the whole event.

10. The artwork must be 1m x 1m, is it possible to propose artwork smaller and not square like 60 x 73 cm or 50 x 60…?

Yes, you can definitely submit a smaller artwork. The 1m x 1m is the maximum space we can give for the registration fee. If you have larger artworks, you’ll need to pay according to the size of wall space you’ll need. You can put 2 or more artworks as long as it is inside the amount of space you have paid for.

11. Is it an Artplus stand where you exhibit different artists ?

Yes. You would be sharing space with all other international artists who are participating World Art Dubai through us.

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