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Fine Art Scanning Service

At Art Plus, we provide fine art scanning (also known as Giclee scanning).  We offer large format flatbed scanning services of artworks, photos and any other form of images that you might want to reproduce for prints.

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Artwork Reproduction – We scan original artwork! As we scan the original file and produce the soft copy, our experts prepare the image by retouching and color matching the image to meet the expectations of the print results.  You can reproduce your artworks in any medium you wish to print your masterpiece for—may it be glass, acrylic, canvass, wood, crystal, metal, mirror, wallpapers, fine art paper, picture book, leather, fabric, ceramic tiles, and more!

Brochures, Magazines, and Catalogues (Best for museums, exhibitions, and organizations) – we scan your original artworks, photos, images and get your high-quality digital copies of your masterpieces! We can also help you create the catalogs of your artworks and you can post the collection online or print brochures for your event!

Interior Design – if you wish to get your rooms or offices designed in a very unique and creative way, Art Plus can definitely print your customized windows, doors, walls, cushions, canvases in any size and design you exactly planned how should it be!

Personal Purposes– may it be a gift or a souvenir, we can help you get a high-quality copy and print it on any mediums we currently have!

We got the up-to-date technology to make it possible!

  1. Your images are being scanned using high-quality professional equipment.
  2. When the scanning is completed, a professional designer will process the digital copy. They will improve image quality, adjust colors, remove physical defects of the image.
  3. You will receive a digital copy of your artworks, photos or images.
  4. You can have a printed copy of your scanned image if you wish to reproduce it on a different surface.