So now, you finally want to start your first masterpiece that is why you opened this blog. You just want to start it off, ‘cause you want to unleash the creative artistic side of you. You know you have the creativity, but you feel like you always never had a chance to put it on a canvas. But now, you decided, it’s time. Reading this blog is the first step, so what are the next?


Get the best ART ITEMS for your first masterpiece.

Let’s use an analogy here. Let’s have a great photographer as an example. A good photographer is not defined by a super techy camera. But a great camera can help a photographer achieve more than a digital camera. You might not know how to use this great camera first. But because you invested for it, you would probably look forward to learn and use it. Right?

Best doesn’t usually mean price. Just get the best art items enough to make you excited and inspire to mess your hands with.

Essential art items you’ll need for your about-to-start painting adventure

✔ Your Choice of Medium

✔ Palette

✔ Blending Brush

✔ Medium Brush

✔ Tiny Brush

✔ Palette Knife

✔ Water

✔ Rag / Towel

✔ A good canvas.

✔ Your NEW Painting Easel (Big enough to remind and appeal to you to start painting, daily)


Going an extra mile: If you have an ultimate budget, you can get all the brushes you can buy and play with it one brush to the next.

So what will be the Best Medium for you?

Whatever medium you are going to use to start your first masterpiece off, it doesn’t define your skill at the end of finalizing your first work. What you learn along the way is the priority- for now. Grab the kind of medium you would like to do with first.

Here are some good type of paints you might want to try:

• Acrylic is recommended for beginners ‘cause it’s very forgiving and enables you to re-paint on the mistake (Thanks for its water-soluble characteristic).

• If you are into light color painting, watercolors are the best for you but it’s the most unforgiving when it comes to hiding mistakes. It’s also the cheapest among the others.

• If you are into rich colors, oil is great for color blending and is what the old masters of art were using to create their masterpiece.

Read More: How to Decide What Paint to Use by ThoughtCo

Now before you start painting, keep it in mind:

1. Create more, worry less.

You’re a beginner, be kind to yourself. No one gets an art genius in a day (unless you get hit by a lightning). It takes practice. If you’re serious with it, start painting daily. Big, small. On your notebooks, on your wall. Just enjoy and practice creativity daily.

2. Put it on your daily schedule & faithfully commit for your “Master Class”

Talent beats routine, and or hardwork, they say. So go ahead, commit to yourself that you are so going to do this, no matter what the cost daily. To become an expert of anything in the future, it begins with a committed beginner. And that is you, for now.

3. Follow friendly and great artists and local art galleries on your social media accounts.

It’s the usual “Tell me about who you follow and I’ll tell you who you are” thing. When you follow them, you get to know more techniques. Chances are, if you befriend them, you might get art classes– for free!

Need someone to guide and help you pursue your art journey? The Art Plus Gallery is offering Fine Art classes in Dubai both for Adults and Kids! For inquiries, call us our number +971 4 388 1663. We are located at Al Marabea St., Al Quoz 1, Dubai.

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