Acrylic (Plexiglass), plastic, ABS laser cutting services in Dubai

Laser cutting is one of the most modern and progressive methods of processing various materials. This is the best service in the market for cutting and engraving. With the help of laser cutting, you have the opportunity to make products of various levels of complexity (from simple straight lines to complex figured elements) made of almost any material. It is possible to process the most popular materials, from paper to metals. With the help of laser cutting, you can cut acrylic, plastic, PET, ABS, polystyrene, wood, MDF, cardboard, and paper, plywood, etc.

Over the past few years, Art Plus Gallery has been performing laser cutting and engraving in Dubai and all over the UAE. Laser cutting at Art Plus provides the most accurate cutting. Especially noticeable are the advantages of the laser when it is necessary to work with “fragile” materials that are difficult to work with, which break down during normal cutting or change their properties under the mechanical influence. High-precision laser cutting and engraving made it possible to produce tools, advertising, and other products with a level of accuracy of work that is unattainable with the use of traditional technologies.

Laser cutting is done with a laser beam in which power is controlled depending on the material that is being processed. The method of laser cutting is based on the ability of a high-power laser beam, which has a high temperature to melt (evaporate) the material in the impact zone. The effect of the laser beam on the material is carried out in a strictly limited area (cutting zone), which ensures the stability of the rest of the material. This makes it possible to smoothly handle brittle, delicate and easily deformable materials. In addition, laser cutting eliminates mechanical impact on the surface and does not require hard fixing of materials before processing, which minimizes the appearance of deformations that can occur in conditions of rigid fixation.

Computer-controlled laser cutting is undoubtedly the best way of cutting materials and has significant advantages:

  • incommensurably high productivity
  • cutting is carried out with the highest precision
  • possibility of cutting along the trajectory of any curvature
  • small dimensions of the cut-out parts
  • no need to process shear points additionally
  • laser cutting today is the only way to handle many brittle, easily destructible or deformable materials
  • virtually no waste
  • only laser cutting today ensures the production of small batches and even single items without their significant rise in price

Our company has the most modern laser equipment (with the ability to process materials with dimensions up to 1250 * 2500 mm and thickness up to 30mm), the capabilities of which allow us to perform laser cutting and engraving in Dubai in the shortest possible time. A friendly and highly professional team will take into account all the wishes of the customer and execute your order quickly and efficiently at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • cutting and laser cutting of sheet materials such as acrylic (Plexiglas), plastics, PET, ABS, polystyrene, wood, MDF, cardboard and paper, plywood (price for cutting acrylic)
  • laser engraving
  • stands made of acrylic stands for printing, plastic pockets and holderssouvenirs made of acrylic
  • ultra-thin light panels “FrameLight” based on the original light matrices
  • advertising signs and light labels on technology “AcryLight” (acrylic)
  • advertising signs like “LightBox” (Lightbox) with LED backlight
  • electroluminescent paper (EL Paper)
  • light volumetric letters and signs from acrylicpolycarbonatePVC, etc
  • volumetric letters from stainless steel with LED backlight
  • design and installation of LED backlight for replacement in existing advertising structures
  • LED floodlights for lighting billboards
  • products for decoration of shop windows, counters, intercalary halls, exhibitions.

Also, our company can offer you more printing services and services related to art. Complete list of services we provide you can see here.