The Art Plus Gallery is holding Art Trip / Art Journey Exhibition 2017 featuring Saudi Arabia’s finest & multi-awarded artists.

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikha Dr. Hind Bint Abdulaziz Al Qassimi Chairwoman of Business Professional World Emirates Club (BPW). Art Plus is pleased to invite you for the opening of the Art Trip Exhibition in cooperation with Nesma Art Gallery. The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday, March 16, 2017, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM at Art Plus Gallery, Al Quoz, Dubai.

In Collaboration with: Nesma Art Gallery, Art Trip Group, Ahmad Badeeb Center for Media Studies & Consultations, Vinedorm Beauty Essentials

Media Sponsor: Medad Printing & Advertising

As we are well aware that you are an avid follower of art, we are officially inviting you to for the exhibition. You will get to meet and greet the artists and personally their craft for four days. We look forward to see you here at #ArtPlusGallery!

Rohaifa Basfar

رهيفه بصفر

My work in the exhibition is created in an infantile style, hence the name: “Love your inner child as it is the key to creativity and the road towards happiness”.It is a segment of innocent self-expression and how one’s being is characterized by its spontaneity, automatism, transparency, innocence and simplicity in expression.

Through my brush, I am talking to the child within us, to the yearning for this phase and the warmth of its details. My work reflects various life situations; some are from my memory and others from my imagination, inspired by drawings of children.

Fatin  Shawli

فاتن شاولي

My work in the exhibition focuses on women and horses … so I drew “A Woman’s permanent dream of peace”; a woman searching for the hidden beauty within her and colorfully sprinkling it down on paper, and just like a horse, searching for her uniqueness and the warmth of her feelings. It is through colors that the giving, love, strength and power she enjoys are reflected. Thus, the sunrise of a brighter tomorrow is embodied by the scrapings of yesterday.

Manal Merza

منال مرزا

My work in the exhibition resembles drops flowing from the jungle life onto my paintings. In perfect harmony with the colors, they both reflect the conflict of nature.

Its colors are a mix between the sharpness of monsters, the calmness of lakes and the flow of rivers waters, that unveils hidden strength, courage, resistance and audacity.

I speak through my brush for the survival of the fittest.

Someya Hejazi

سمية حجازي

My paintings carry in them the essence of my personal experiences. They concisely reflect things that moved my abstract soul. I was keen to improve my experience by letting all naturals forms, such as colorful tones, go.

Thurayya Naji

ثريا ناجي

My work in the exhibition reflects the style of manipulating colors that sometimes run side by side, and other times mix and blend. They occasionally diverge, only to meet again somewhere in the painting, express a certain feeling, idea or event and detach from reality in a colorful style. That way, the recipient can understand how every color I use and everything I paint with my brush, reflect something within me.

Maha Dahlan

مها دحلان

My work in the exhibition reflects the abstract style of emotional harmonies through colors. “Soul Talk” is inspired by a musical piece for Umm Kulthum.

“Whatever comes out of the heart is effective

It has no wings but has the power of flight (…)

My love was seditious, rebellious and clever

My fearless wailing rent through the sky.”

Galiah Al Githami

غالية القثامي

When colors embrace my brush, sometimes ornaments start harmonically dancing on my paper, other times it is Arabic letters, stripping the sea of its colors to tell a story of strength and uniqueness in a modern way.

Mervat Qawas

مرفت قواص

In my paintings, I unleash and let everything out. I use my tools to transmit my feelings in my expressionist paintings, in which I create a sort of psychological dialogue between the characters of my story which revolves around social life and psychological conflicts through all stages of life.

Hanadi Farhat

هنادي فرحات

Though our living in a vast world, our way of perceiving things remains very narrow. We only see facts with our eyes and only explain them with our minds, until the truth is no longer in our hands. We then get lost staring at distant memories, with who we were, forgetting where we should be.

Hanaa Nato

هناء نتو

“This is life” reflects a state of conflicts and challenges. So, we are trying to give life meaning, for we do not feel alive until we hear the echo of the pain within us. We still have a lot to look forward to and should listen to the voice of life.

The subjects of my paintings fall under the abstract art. I use the shorthand and condensation methods along with some expressive vocabulary symbolizing reality, which mix with the colorful harmonies fitting with the subject. They take up a vast space to reflect a colorful climate that creates some sort of fun dialogue, behind a fake curtain or mask disguising the content.

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