Increase the value of your space & project with museum quality fine art reproductions.

We can help you reproduce classic to popular well-known fine arts with our wide range collection of medium to print that will best express your work. May it be the original or the similar work, Art Plus is much more willing to work with you hand in hand to achieve your design plan.

The Wassily Kandinsky Style

Total Abstract Art. Kandinsky is one of the pioneers of modern abstract art and considered to be the art theory forefather of all the kinds of abstract art that was later developed in the years.

Inspiration from this art style from our own Abstract Collection.

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The Andy Warhol Style

Pop Art.  Andy Warhol was the most successful and highly paid commercial illustrator in New York.

His drawings were often comic, decorative, and whimsical, and their tone is entirely different from the cold and impersonal mood of his Pop art.

Inspiration from this art style from Louise Razy’s design.

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The Claude Monet Style

Realist Impressionist Art. Monet was a masterful colorist and painter of light and atmosphere.
He introduced the painting style of capturing what is naturally seen in the eye, even the smallest details from shadows to light.

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More Possible Mediums for your Art

At Art Plus, we invest on the latest technology in the market in order to keep up with the highest standard of interior and art standards.

Whatever flat surface you are considering, you can check it out with our production experts!



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