The Art Plus Gallery is pleased to present two of France’s finest landscape photographers Patrick Jacquet & Louise Razy as they have chosen UAE landscape as the “Apple of their Lenses”. With their exemplary skills and unique touch of capturing the land we live and love, The Art Plus Gallery was given the privilege to collaborate with them and have the rights to reproduce their work upon request.


Patrick Jacquet

For 3 decades, self-taught fine art photographer Patrick Jacquet has already perfected many techniques in different photographic domains. His favorite field of photography? Large-format landscape! In his quest of innovating and developing beyond his lenses, his series of Visions of 360 is yet so far shows how far he has creatively transformed as a photographer and as a fine artist.


Louise Razy

40 decades behind the photo lens, Louise Razy is an international traveller & world renowned photographer. Throughout her career, she has already visited more than 50 countries for her to have an opportunity to discover the intimate lifestyle of custom culture.  Her favorite field of photography? People and lifestyle! She’s more into reflecting the daily rich culture and lifestyle of the places she has visited.



More of their photos will be published on our pages and our website soon. Keep in touch with us!

Love their photos and want to have a copy of their work? Art Plus offers production of their works on our wide range of flat surfaces to print on! Contact our marketing team for more details.

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