Who says you still need to hire an interior designer when you can do it yourself? DIY your interior and transform it to your kind of place with reproduced artworks!

Reproduced artworks on different mediums is the most common way to decorate rooms these days. How you design your interior can tell us a lot about the your personality.  It gives a “this is me” home feels, and tells a lot about how you lived your daily routine.

Take time to research and get the look that you want to achieve.

Formulating a design idea is too easy now, thanks to people and companies who does the initiative to group the ideas together. For design ideas, you can check and follow our Instagram out (@artplusdubai) or our Facebook page, as we’re doing Top Daily Interior Picks to help creative people like you to have an idea on what they want to re-do or renew in their private places.

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Add a little spice, or more.

Having any additional item to your room brings an additional aura and ambiance to your place. Some art designs can motivate spirituality, success, stimulate focus and work, and even promote tranquility and rest. It all depends on how you have designed the location, chosen the theme and mantra of the room.

See our Islamic Art Collection.

Investing more for Classy Interior

For those who are not on a tight budget and wants to go for classical style, you can go for printed mosaic wall. Mosaic patterns and murals will adorn a large living room or hall, presentable restaurants, showrooms and apartments, suitable for facing a variety of surfaces, such as swimming pools, facades, walls of bathrooms, emphasizes the luxury and interior respectability.With whatever artwork and or image you wanted to achieve, you can go to a professional and advanced digital printing companies here in Dubai like ART PLUS.

Art Plus Gallery is always ready to help you achieve your DIY interior. If you have any similar ongoing or future projects, give us a call and we’ll definitely assist you. We will discuss and provide you the best options and materials for your home and work project.



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