So, ART PLUS can’t get enough of Abstract artist Dana Naser. She’s the first artist that we’re featuring and she deserves it!

Featuring Dana’s Complexion Abstract Collection:



1. What’s your earliest memory of seeing yourself creating art?
Dana: I would say in high school when I started creating more serious art as an expression.

2. When did you start considering yourself as an artist?
Dana: When I signed up to study visual communication in university. I guess I considered it a serious step to becoming an artist.

3. In your opinion, what is a superb abstract painting?
Dana: A painting that gives you a sense of feeling, an adventurous discovery of the unknown. When looking at a painting you should look at a good eye flaw, a good composition and a story that is outspoken with colour.

4. Where did you get your artistic inspiration from the Complexion Collection?
Dana: Complexion is the first collection that I started working on and is about the complexity of mixing colour and textures; which are inspired by the telling details that characterize a person’s face. With Complexion I meant to express my emotional state in a fluid and intuitive form, as I try to connect with a ‘greater consciousness’.

5. Among all the paintings on Complex Collection, which of it do you personally treasure the most?
Dana: One of my favorite is “Tranquil Insanity” made in 2016 on wood panel. I would have to say that Complexion is an open collection meaning it will have more added to by the years.

Fast Talk Q & A

Coffee, tea, or milk?
Dana: Coffee

Introvert or Extrovert?
Dana: Extrovert

Passive or Aggressive?
Dana: Aggressive

Black or white?
Dana: Black

Dream Travel Destination?
Dana: Northern Lights, Iceland

Favorite artist?
Dana: Jackson pollock if I had to choose.


Dana Naser’s Bio (www.dananaser.com)

As an abstract artist, creating artwork is in part a form of expression as much as it is the creation of beautiful aesthetics. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It allows us to discover the beauty in what is around us and ponder the mysteries of the unknown. To me, a canvas is a stage where all elements play a role in bringing together a story. In the process of studying and understanding these elements, I free my mind of conventional art and set the stage to pursue abstract concepts rich in colour and form. I explore the subtle visual relationships of colliding colours and merging textures which often end up revealing unexpected imagery.

Whether I choose a monochromatic minimalistic approach or a complex multimedia construction, my art flows into a certain style. I use day to day tools to create snap shots of what are basically various moments in life. Art is a journey of self discovery, growth and letting go of all disciplines and norms.

  • Solo Exhibiton – World Art Dubai 2017
  • Solo Exhibiton – Journey Into Abstraction 2017
  • Featured in Ahlan Arabia Magazine
  • Live interview at Sabah El Kheir Ya Arab
  • Media Coverage by the National
  • Solo Exhibition – Complexion 2016



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