From floor plan to design, adding every detail and piece will be crucial to add value for your house. Everybody would love to have a creative atmosphere to marvel their eyes and time with.

The great news is, you don’t need to hire an expensive interior designer to achieve your creative mind’s dream space. With your taste of art, current budget, and our modern technology, fine art canvas prints will be the best budget-friendly option to décor your place.

Here are some great interior design ideas here to help inspire you to turn that home or office space into a sanctuary. A place you look forward to going into. A place you might even have trouble leaving because you love it so much.

The artworks designed for the interior mock ups would convince you on why you should go for customized canvas art prints for your interior instead.




Color Blending

Color blending often proves to be the most direct way to incorporate artwork into the home. This space benefits from neutral basics, with the colorful accents easy to change out in case the artwork changes.









Islamic Art and Calligraphy
Islamic Art &Calligraphy Prints sets a different level of cultural and religious creativity in your own home. If you want to have Islamic calligraphies done printed on canvases, you are welcome to visit us and sit with our designer to achieve your desired results and have it printed. We also have our unique collection of Islamic art collection.









Work and design with abstracts! The edge of having abstract prints for your home and interior project is it doesn’t need to follow a theme. It’s representation speaks for itself. With our wide collection of abstracts, Art Plus can help you achieve the finest details for your interior projects.








Photographic Prints

Print your photographs in a very special way with us. Using fine art photographic prints arranged to your wall promotes the essence of sentimentality. We have a wide range of fine art canvases to be printed on, but you can also go an extra mile of creativity by printing on our other available mediums (print it on wood, print it on metal, and more).





From abstract to landscape art, there are plenty of types of art to choose from to fit and achieve your interior design plan. There are variations in materials that you can find as well. The material of wall art changes influences what style goes well with that piece of art.

We can help you supply your art interior needs.
You can either:

  1. Specify your art needs and give you proposals;
  2. Choose from custom designs and artworks available to be printed;
  3. For Digital copies: Bring a HD soft copy;
  4. Bring the art itself and have it scanned with our latest technology.

Know more about the range of mediums you can definitely choose to have it on. Different mediums, different frames means a whole new level of aesthetic transformation for your space.

CanvasAcrylicLeather – Fabric GlassWoodMetalStone ImitationSouvenirFine Art PaperWall PaperPicture Boxes Ceramic Tiles – Mural – Crystal




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