The process of artwork reproduction is speedily innovating. Gone are the days that one preserves a copy of their artwork by taking a photo using their cameras or scan it using a home-based scanner.

This is all thanks to brilliant minds who constantly innovate technology. Now, high-grade scanners are available and are able to produce up to 1200 dpi (dots per inch) resolution copy.

With these scanners, there are also now color-calibrated LED machines that can reflect the exact colors on screen, meeting the expectations of the print results. This is essential in artwork reproduction, as artists are very particular to the different shades and hues of a certain color.

At Art Plus, we proudly have these high end technology and offer this possibility. For 20 years, we have numerous collaborations with artists who wish to make copies and reproductions of their own work. As we keep our services updated and top of the market, we are now providing comprehensive guidance on all stages of the process – from the initial high quality scanning, retouching and polishing of scanned copy, and reproducing the original piece through reprinting with our high end printers to whatever is the client’s preferred medium.

We use a wide variety of print medium ranging from traditional materials such as paper, canvas, photo paper to the innovative ones such as wood, metal, glass, mirror, mural, wallpapers, fabric, leather, ceramic tiles, and crystal.

ART PLUS UV PRINT DUBAI – Canvas, Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Photo Paper, Glass, Fabric, Leather, Crystal, Mirror, Ceramic Tiles

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In selecting the perfect medium to print the artist’s work, careful and through selection of the right medium must be done.

If an artist wishes to have a printed copy of his work, the subject of the photo must be taken into consideration. If the artist has a subject of the desert where sand is evident, it is highly recommended for him to choose the print medium as fine art texture paper. With this medium, it will show more texture to the finished product and present well the texture to the sand.

ARTPLUS UV / Flatbed Printing on Picturebook with Emboss – Venice

On the other hand, if the art showcases the sunset which has a lot of metallic hues, it would be best to print it on a glossy paper or on metal. With the said medium, it will add more shine to the printed material – giving a better feel of the image. There are also specialty papers that fit black and white photos. This is why it is very essential to know the artist’s need – to be able to fit his style.

Moving on to more unconventional types of printing medium, Art Plus caters to UV Printing. Our flatbed machine which is used in UV Printing can print on any surface provided that it is flat and its height does not exceed 5 centimeters. It can print on any flat surface you can imagine.

Art Plus UV / Flatbed Printing – Print on Wood

However, this type of printing caters to CMYK printing only. What is just amazing in this technology is that it literally prints on any flat surface that is less than 5 centimeters.

With the availability of technologies such as these, it excites the artist as they never imagined how reproduction is done easily possible while preserving the original feel and look of the piece. Have your own customized print at any size on any flat surface! Whatever artistic design you plan to put on your space, we can have it printed for you. Contact & connect with us today!


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